How to Find MAC Address on Windows 10/11 {3 Best Methods}

MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique identifier assigned to the network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment. It is given to a network adapter when it’s created. Many users confuse between MAC and IP Addresses; however, both of them are entirely different. Just for clearing your doubt, a MAC address is … Read more

How To Run Android Apps On Windows 11

Run Android Apps On Windows 11: The most anticipated feature of Windows 11 is that it can run android applications officially, without any third party too like Bluestack or any other Android Emulator. Although Microsoft recently confirmed that the Android support for windows 11 will get delayed and currently it was only available in the … Read more

Windows Insider Program Opt-Out – How To Do This & What Are The Risks Involved!

Windows Insiders help shape the future of Windows, and users’ participation is important in it. But if you’re sure you’d like to stop getting emails and Windows Insider Preview Builds from us, you can unregister and leave the program. The Windows Insider Program (or Programme) is a great way to test out early builds of … Read more

Chrome Crashes When Printing? Here’s The Fix!

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Windows 10 Update Taking Forever? Here’s How To Get Rid Of It!

Windows 10 operating system is designed in a way to receive frequent updates with minimal fuss, usually by making them automatic and requiring very little user input. These usually take a few minutes to run before your computer starts to reboot and just require your machine to be switched on. Rese of the process is … Read more

How To Update Java On Windows 7/8/10 & Mac {Updated 2021}

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How To Turn Off Automatic Updates In Windows 10 {5 Ways To Do It}

On Windows 10, updates download and install automatically as soon as they become available. Although this automatic approach allows devices to receive security updates without user interaction. But on the other side, updates contain bugs that can negatively affect the experience in many different ways. For example, they could break existing features, introduce driver and … Read more