Microsoft Silently Installing PC Health Check App on Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft has begun force installing the PC Health Check application on Windows 10 devices that are using a new KB5005463 update. This is a new diagnostics tool created by Microsoft and released in conjunction with Windows 11 that provides various troubleshooting and maintenance features. The primary use of this tool is to analyze a device’s … Read more

Windows 11 Is A Pointless Update By Microsoft! Here’s Why?

Windows 11 is a pointless update: In some cases, Microsoft has no choice but to upgrade Windows. Windows Millennium Edition, also known as Windows Me, was terrible. The successor, Windows XP, was much better. XP alternative, Vista was poor. Microsoft has forgotten about Vista with Windows 7. This was, for many, one of them, the … Read more

Windows 10 Update Taking Forever? Here’s How To Get Rid Of It!

Windows 10 operating system is designed in a way to receive frequent updates with minimal fuss, usually by making them automatic and requiring very little user input. These usually take a few minutes to run before your computer starts to reboot and just require your machine to be switched on. Rese of the process is … Read more