Windows 12 Release Date, Updates And Everything You Need To Know

Windows 12 Release Date

Let us discuss the Windows 12 release date and updates over here. Read thoroughly to know the actual Windows 12 release date and everything you need to know about Windows 12 updates in our article.

Microsoft will release a new Windows 12 with many new features. You can get this latest version of windows in your system in a number of ways. The first way as usual is where you can update from Windows, whether it’s through Windows Update or using an ISO file.

For those who are curious to know what Windows 12 Update is and what the new features are, we will present each and every update regarding that in this article.

Windows 12 is the upcoming windows of Microsoft, for which windows lovers have been desperately waiting for after the last released version from Microsoft which is windows 10. Windows 10 is a great window having all the features that a user always dreamed of.

But again, it’s all about new windows and experiencing its new features which are highly expected to be there in windows 12.

Here we go, so you heard from your folks about Windows 12 release date and how another member in the Windows OS family will be and you begin wondering when will Windows 12 come out? It doesn’t matter from who you have picked the information.

According to Microsoft’s last few conferences, there is no such thing as Windows 12. Yes, that’s correct. Microsoft Jerry Nixon stated to millions of Windows users at the Ignite Tech Conference in 2015 that Microsoft doesn’t plan to push the Windows OS family further.

He further explained Microsoft would be changing the entire concept of Windows OS, and they are looking to adopt what Apple does with its OS.

Windows 12 Release Date

Giving Microsoft’s current stance on Windows being treated as a Service instead of an individual product, we can see Windows 12 just being larger updates that add onto the already-active Windows 10 codebase.

Microsoft just announced about windows 12 but not anything about its version, system requirements, features, and other things. Maybe they throw light on it at the end of this year.

Talking about updates, Microsoft is following a concept called Feature Update, where they provide twice-yearly a new version of Windows. That feature update will include any new Functionality and features available for Windows and will deprecate older features.

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Although this feature is not yet available for public testing as of now but it will appear on devices when you boot a system under these conditions. This feature will be similar to the way Apple handles macOS reinstallations, with the given option to reinstall the OS by downloading a copy from the cloud.

Talking back about the Windows 12 release date, the unique date of launch has not yet been officially declared yet. There are dozens of sources on the internet that show its released date, feature, specifications, etc. they are nothing but a hox; all they do is clickbait. That means there is no real Windows 12 release date.

Windows 12 Iso new features and Updatess

Windows 12 is going to be much evaluated than the previous versions. Check out some of its important features and other updates below:

  • If someone is running Windows 7 or higher, they will receive a notification near the clock on the taskbar that allows them to make their reservation and upgrade their system for free.
  • Those who are using the pirated version or earlier to Windows 7 version, will have to pay x amount and buy the license in order to gain access to this new version of windows.
  • New and improved game mode.
  • Advance 3D paint feature.
  • Picture in picture feature allowing you to watch some video while filling out an Excel spreadsheet or performing any other task.
  • Dark mode, Night mode, Controlled version, more privacy controls, and many more features.
  • We can also expect the fastest internet explorer in windows 12, as with windows 10 “EDGE” explorer does work best.
  • Another thing that we can expect is a built-in screen recorder. Although we have not yet seen any built-in screen recorders in windows we can expect a screen recorder in Windows 12.
  • The new upcoming version of windows will definitely be going to focus on VR.

Other Expected Features of Windows 12 Release Date

Dark Mode File Explorer

Previously, the dark mode was applicable on Settings, Microsoft Edge, Groove Music, Calculator, and other Windows default applications. However, On Windows 12, Microsoft complements this shortcoming by adding the Dark Mode feature to File Explorer. This can be one of the superior features for you if you are the one who mostly works at night.

Windows 12 Clipboard History

The next new feature brought by Windows 12 Update is the addition of Clipboard History. What happened previously is, if you do the Copy or Cut command, and click on the paste button, then only the last copied data can be pasted. But with the presence of this Clipboard History feature, this law will no longer apply.

The Clipboard History feature allows you to view all data in the form of text or files that you have copied or cut. This will not only be limited to just seeing, you can also freely choose which one you want to Paste. So, you can copy the text in sequence and then Paste it in the order that you want. Not only that, if you have devices that are connected using a Microsoft account, then you can Paste data from one device on another device.

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Texting from the Laptop

On Windows 12, you can send and read SMS directly from the laptop. This feature of Windows 12 will allows you to synchronize Windows 12 on a laptop with your Android Smartphone. So, you can immediately see the SMS contained on your Android Smartphone and also reply directly using your Laptop.

Not only viewing and sending SMS, but you can also view photos and other data contained on your Smartphone. However, to be able to use this feature, you must install the Microsoft Launcher or Your Phone Companion application on an Android Smartphone.

Windows 12 Search Preview

The next update is the look of Windows Search that has been overhauled by adding previews. So, if you type certain keywords then a preview of the search results you choose will be displayed. For example, if you type in a song title, the song title will be displayed.

Microsoft Edge Updates

This new version of windows will also bring important changes to Microsoft Edge. Among these changes is the shadow which makes the depth effect of the display become more pronounced? Then all the settings on Microsoft Edge are grouped in categories which of course make it easy for users to find the settings sought.

Not only that, but you can also now set the autoplay media to set whether a video will play automatically or not. When you read PDFs using Edge Browser, you can now add notes and annotations. Then there is also Line Focus, to make the text focus on one, three, or five lines according to the settings.

Power Usage in Task Manager

This is another important feature that many going to get into the new version of windows. By using this function, you can monitor any application that uses high power to low. Thus, you can see a list of applications that make the Laptop battery run out quickly.

HDR Support

The next new feature is the HDR support on laptops. Of course, this will be very useful if you enjoy using a large-screen monitor, for example, 4K with HDR support. Microsoft will provide a dedicated settings panel that will display the screen that you use HDR support for anything, starting from video streams, games, applications, etc.

Windows Security

Another important change that came with Windows 12 was the change of name from Windows Defender to Windows Security. This default Windows antivirus also adds several new security features. It will make it easier for you to protect your data from different viruses and still allow certain applications to access it.

Windows 12 Release Date Price

Talking about the price, if someone is running Windows 7 or higher, they will receive a notification near the clock on the taskbar that allows them to make their reservation and upgrade their system for free by x date. Those who are using the pirated version or earlier to Windows 7 version, will have to pay some amount and buy the license for Windows 12. You’ll easily find some websites and other resources click-baiting you and showing incorrect prices; kindly cross-check their credibility.

How to Manually Update Windows 12

  • Select the Start (Windows) button from the bottom-left corner.
  • Go to settings (gear icon).
  • Select the Update and Security icon.
  • Choose Windows Update tab in the sidebar (Circular arrows).
  • Select Check for updates. If there is an available update, it will begin downloading automatically.

Windows 12 Anticipated Editions

Windows 12 is expected to launch with six different versions below.

Starter: It is the basic version that will have less functionality than other editions. It could have an unfinished GUI series, no configuration ability, and will be the lightest, appropriate for netbooks or low-performance personal computers.

Home Basic: While this version for home computers is still unfinished and identical to the launcher app, it has better accessibility and configuration features.

Premium Home: It is an upgraded variant of Home Basic that offers more personalization and design functionality with the Windows Media Centers’ multimedia files and various codecs.

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Professional: The same applies to Vista business, which provides the flexibility for consumer or enterprise machines to have both Home Premium functionality and the capacity to archive, secure electronically, and encrypt information to preserve data’s privacy.

Enterprise: The Advanced version provides a different language kit and a comprehensive set of electronic data security and safety job tools to make it suitable for networked businesses and computers. It will only be offered under Microsoft’s corporate arrangement.

Ultimate: The final edition of the maximum operating system capacity for distribution to the public.

Windows 12 System Requirements

Now that we know the facts about the Windows 12 operating system, we must point out the system requirements that would be needed for Windows 10 updates. With every new update, there comes a new requirement without which you won’t access the updates. Here are the basic requirements you can expect from Windows 10 future updates.

  • CPU 1GHz or SOC or Other faster processor
  • STORAGE 20 GB for 32 bit and 25 GB for 64 bit
  • RAM 1GB for 32 bit and 2GB for 64 bit
  • GRAPHICS Microsoft DirectX 9 or WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Screen Resolution 800 x 600 and above

For the rest of the requirements, you’ll have to until Microsoft itself doesn’t make any announcement.


Yes, Microsoft will indeed continue its Windows operating system, but there’s a catch to it. Windows users will get major updates in their current Windows 10; that’s what will happen from happening. You may have already come across this concept. Could you remember, ok, let me tell you it’s what Apple does? Moving forward with regular updates in its existing iOS, and yes, it’s also true that this same idea inspires Microsoft.

Windows 12 is conceivable to be quicker than Windows 10, and experts highly suspect that Windows applications would work in Windows 12 as well as they will do while operating on Windows 10.

Microsoft already supports users more directly and refuses long-term assistance from other existing programs. But we should anticipate concepts and updates to Windows 12 apps easily or may expect any major launch of a new Windows operating system.

So this is all that we have regarding Windows 12 release date. Keep visiting KMSpico for more such awesome articles.

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